Postponed until June 5, 2021

Due to the current COVID 19 outbreak, GSNI in conjunction with our partners Over the Edge Global and SupplyCore, have decided to postpone this year’s Over the Edge 4 Girl Scouts event. The event originally scheduled for May 30, 2020, will be held on June 5, 2021. The site remains open so that fundraisers who have begun fundraising can continue. Thank you for supporting the GSNI Outreach Program and Financial Assistance Fund.

Be FEARLESS! Go Over the Edge 4 Girl Scouts 

Push the limits of your comfort zone with this unique fundraising experience. No prior ropes experience is necessary, just a drive to make a difference. To raise funds, participants create a personal fundraising page where friends and family can securely donate to your rappel.

Toss Your Boss!  Create a company team, bring co-workers together to fundraise. Gather everyone the day of the event to watch your boss go over the edge.

Create a Team! What is more fun than going over the edge? Going over with a friend! Grab a friend, family member, troop member or co-worker and make a difference together. See team fundraising goals HERE!

Donate! Your donation supports innovative programming and assistance to girls in financial need. Donations can be made to a specific fundraiser or to the event at large.

Funds raised support GSNI's Outreach program and every girl who wants to become a Girl Scout to have the best GS experience possible. GSNI is committed to offering the Girl Scout leadership program to underserved girls. The Outreach programs at GSNI are free to participants and are led by paid facilitators. Outreach programming focuses on Girl Scouts enrichment activities that supplement girls’ educational experience at school and build social and emotional competence. In an accepting and nurturing environment, girls build character and skills for success in throughout their lives.







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